For over 60 years, the Ballard Boys & Girls Club has been a pillar in the community. This is the kind of place kids grow up in and come back and support as adults.



The first task here has always been youth, of course, and one of the main considerations is the accessibility of its programs. The great staff, many with decades of experience, is motivated to inspire and embolden the next generation in Ballard. That’s why you’ll find programs started specifically for Ballard kids by passionate mentors such as a filmmaking program, a Pokemon Club (requested by the kids), and a running club.

The goal is to make sure that everyone wants to participate in the programs gets access. Assistance through donations, volunteering, and scholarships in the community help make this possible.

Through a supportive community and incredible leadership, the Ballard Boys & Girls Club continues its mission to enable and inspire all young people to reach their full potential as responsible, productive, and caring citizens.