The Ballard Alliance was formed to help guide the growth of this one-of-a-kind neighborhood.

The goal of the Alliance is to represent a strong leadership voice for Ballard and provide programs and services critical to ensuring that Ballard remains a vibrant place to live, shop, work, eat and play.

As of 2013, this neighborhood was already at 300% of the projected growth targets set for 2024. The Ballard Alliance united with businesses and residents to help shape Ballard’s future —ensuring it remains vital and thriving, and that the needs of the community are met. The Alliance participates in a variety of ways here. They partner with businesses new and old and also tackle issues like homelessness, mental health, and environmental impacts.

The Seafood Fest is their major fundraiser. It’s a community festival that celebrates all things Ballard. It started in 1974 and remains a free event today. The three-day festival features local music, arts and crafts, family entertainment, a beer garden, a skateboarding event, and yes—lots of seafood.

Through its programs and events, the Ballard Alliance seeks to promote this vibrant neighborhood’s businesses.

See any one of our team members for more information on the Ballard Alliance.

Ballard Alliance is located at:

5306 Ballard Avenue Northwest Suite 216
(Doors to building are open to the public 8AM-5PM)

Phone: (206) 784-9705