The goal of Page Ahead Literacy is to close the literacy achievement gap experienced by at-risk children in Washington State.

They help children realize their potential by providing them with the inspiration to read.

Page Ahead partners with local elementary schools, early learning centers and social service agencies across Washington State to increase access to books for children and families, educate and empower parents to support their children’s learning, and provide professional development to early learning educators on current literacy research and strategies.

By working with at risk children early in their learning process, Page Ahead helps them build strong reading skills and a promising future.

For information on how you can get involved with Page Ahead, just see one of our team members.

  • Serving 850,000 kids since 1990.
  • Provided over 2.8 Million new books in their history!
  • 277 Volunteers gave more than 4,972 hours of time last year.


Page Ahead Literacy is located at:

1130 NW 85th Street, Seattle, WA 98117
Phone: (206) 461-0123